Ignite your inner warrior

  I’m staring out, watching the world go by. Rushing, racing, living, breathing – life. But I’m struggling. I’m really struggling – struggling to make sense of all this. How this disease can just stomp in and rob you of so much in what seems like a split second. It’s so unfair. Long gone isContinue reading “Ignite your inner warrior”

A different kind of marathon

One, two, three, four. Step by step the path flew by underneath my feet. In truth it was probably far more sluggish than that, but I hadn’t been out running in two full months so this felt pretty spectacular. Sure, my muscles and my lungs screamed a bit, but not enough to dampen my euphoria.Continue reading “A different kind of marathon”

Where it all began

It took one weekend to change everything. It took me another six months to realise just how much had changed. People say you don’t realise how lucky you are until something goes wrong. I did. Sure, we all lose our way from time to time, but I’d spent the last few years thinking how luckyContinue reading “Where it all began”