I was diagnosed with MS in 2015 just a couple of weeks after turning 25. Until 2019 I was working as chief subeditor and designer of Irish Country Living – a job I loved. You can still find me there but now I only work a few hours a week to leave time for me to focus on my health and staying as strong as possible 💪🏻 I’m a passionate disability advocate and spokesperson for MS Ireland and in my spare time I also produce LOTS of art – I hope to share more of my paintings on here in the future so watch this space

Home life

I live with my wonderful husband Niall and our lovely little dog Trixie. I’m originally from Co Sligo but have lived in Dublin for over a decade now. I started this blog to catalogue my road to completing a half marathon (which I did in 2015) but since then it’s become about so much more.

Life with this disease

I’ve had a number of relapses that have badly affected my mobility and have left me with chronic pain – but I refuse to let this disease define me. I write for MS Ireland’s MS and Me blog and I’ve been spokesperson for MS Ireland since 2016, appearing on TV and national radio, as well as in numerous national newspapers in the hope that my story will help others and will raise further awareness of MS (see more here) I love writing and I feel that if there’s one good thing to come from all this it’s that providing an honest account of my experiences will hopefully help others facing a similar road ahead. ❤

Rosie xx

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